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40ft Open Top High Cube Rebuild

≈ 12,2m

40ft High Cube Open Top Rebuild container

Used 40ft high cube rebuild container
Our 40ft high cube rebuild has a bit of history. It started its life as a hard top container but made a career switch later on. We have taken the top off and turned it into a practical container you can load from above. This chameleon container comes with a complimentary tarpaulin to keep your goods safe and dry. Your many goods, as this 40ft high cube container is yet a foot higher than regular 40ft containers and consequentially holds quite a bit of stuff. It comes with a Lloyds certificate qualifying it for shipping, and after 18 months it’s great for storage. This container is committed to its new life: are you ready to commit to this container? Find it for sale in our online shop.


External size Internal size
Length 12192 mm 12040 mm
Width 2438 mm 2345 mm
Height 2890 mm 2690 mm
Tare Max. payload Max. gross
3940 kg 28560 kg 32500 kg


  • ISO certified
  • CSC certified
  • Wind & Water Tight
  • Cargo Worthy
  • Wooden floor