What should you look out for when buying a container?

Thu, 18 Apr 2019 min reading

If you suddenly realise you need much more space than you thought to transport your goods safely and easily, a shipping container is worth its weight in gold. Are you doing research because you want to buy or rent a container for your company or club? If so, you will need to think about things like size, type and condition. No need to get confused, read on to find out what you need to look out for!

Size: from handy to colossal

Do you need a modest storage space for a few small pieces of equipment? Or a beast where you can hibernate all the outdoor furniture from your beach pavilion? Your container requirements start with the size.

Containers are an American invention, so the length is specified in feet. Our smallest shipping container is 8 feet long, or in other words 2.44 metres. At the other end of the scale, we have giant 40 ft shipping containers, over 12 metres long. In the middle, we have 10 ft shipping containers (2.99 meters) and 20 ft shipping containers (6.06 metres).

High and dry with the High Cube container

Do you need a higher container to fit in your things? High Cube containers are 1 foot (30 centimetres) higher than standard containers. The 10ft High Cube, 20ft High Cube and 40ft High Cube are therefore 2.90 metres high instead of 2.59 metres.

Container type: doors and more

Then you have to decide what kind of container you want. You mainly need to consider the type of doors. This is not easy, because there are a lot of options to choose from: Standard, Double Door, Side Door, Open Top, High Cube, Removal Container, Rebuild, you name it. Here, we provide a brief explanation of the main types:

  • Double Door: doors on both ends. It’s handy, because you can load and unload the container from two sides. It means you always have easy access to your things.

  • Side Door: this container opens not only at the end, but also on one of the long sides. This is suitable for the easy loading of long materials such as tubes, wood or large goods, for example.

  • All Side Open: both the short sides and both long sides can be opened.

  • Open Top: this container has an open top that you can cover with tarpaulin. Perfect for goods that need to be loaded with a crane, or when the standard doors are not practical.

  • Removal container: extra gentle with your stuff thanks to a painted floor, extra vents to prevent moisture build-up and binding strips to secure everything firmly.

Condition: new, used and rental

Containers are made to travel the world over and over again, fully loaded. These super robust steel containers can easily last around twenty years, even when constantly sailing the seven seas. Not surprisingly, there is a huge market for used containers. They are just as good at storage and transport, but often half the price.

New shipping containers

Would you like to buy a new container? If so, you will get a brand-new looking container which only has one trip on the clock: from China to the Netherlands. This is because all containers are made in the Far East.

Used shipping containers

A used container has experience and a story. But also some rust, dents and scratches due to its lengthy career in logistics. Cosmetically, it may not be perfect, but it's certainly functional. In terms of storage and transport, it can do anything a new container can do (hence the CSC certificate). But for a lot less money.

Rented shipping containers

If you rent a container, you will usually get a relatively new one with hardly any rust marks and dents.

Quickly buy or rent the perfect container(s)

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Want to find out more?

Do you have any questions about our purchased or rented containers? For example, what condition are they in exactly? Or whether you can you come and see the container? Can the container be delivered to you? Answers to all these questions can be found in the frequently asked questions on our website.

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