Price shipping container

How much does a shipping container cost?

You can find the prices of our new and used shipping containers immediately in our web shop. You can also find the rental prices in our container web shop.

The price of used shipping containers
The prices of used shipping containers often vary per month and per type of container. At the moment, the costs of a shipping container are higher than the average prices. The price of a container depends on various elements. One of them is offer and demand regarding containers, which is obviously related to the world economy.

The price of new shipping containers
The prices of new shipping containers also depend on offer and demand, but also on prices of steel and labour costs of Chinese employees. Besides, shipping containers build in China still need to be shipped to Europe. Since shipping empty containers is not beneficial to the environment, we opt for creative solutions. This way we can keep the price of a shipping container as low as possible. Because new shipping containers are shipped from China, we also call them one-way containers.

Costs for the delivery of shipping containers
If you buy a container through our webshop, the prices you see are excluded VAT and delivery. You can always pick up a bought container for free at our depot, but you can also choose for the delivery of your container at home or at the office. The price will be calculated according to the delivery address. Do you want to know more about the delivery option? Please read our FAQ regarding transport costs.

Can I get a discount on a container from the web shop?
If you want to buy a small number of containers, you can directly see the prices in the web shop. On a small number of containers we do not provide discounts, because they are already very low priced. Would you like to buy more than 6 containers? Please fill in the contact form at the top of this page. One of our account managers will provide you with a proper offer.

Do you wish to know more about modifications?

Do you still have questions about modifications after reading this article? Or do you want to talk about your own modification project? Our team is always available to provide you with advice, a customized offer and to make sure your project runs smoothly!

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