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Do you need more than 10 containers?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the used containers leave our depot with a CSC certificate.

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For 12 or 18 months.

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We provide the CSC certificate for free.

You can find the prices of our new and used shipping containers immediately in our web shop. You can also find the rental prices in our container web shop.

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Or talk to us!

Naomi Schönbeck
Naomi Schönbeck
Inside Sales and Rental

About 40ft containers

When you find a 40ft container in your parking lot, it’s difficult to resist its charm. Around the world, businesses want a piece of this container. After all, it’s rugged and roomy, and reliable to boot.

Applications of 40ft containers
This CSC certified container will take your goods wherever you like or just stay in your warehouse. Politely biding its time while keeping your belongings dry, clean, and safe. Naturally, they’re ISO compliant. So you can be sure this container will cooperate with all of your other containers, for easier loading, shipping, and handling.

Types of 40ft containers
Our 40ft containers are versatile and up to any task, no matter how complicated. There’s our double door container , which goes above and beyond with doors on both short sides. Our open top container comes in 2 flavors: original and rebuild . And then there’s our hard top container , with a removable, lockable roof. Looking for a container solution for your offshore business? Find our selection of offshore containers in our online shop.

Buy or rent a 40ft container online
No matter your budget and needs, we’ve got a container for you. We offer new and used containers. Our used containers are subjected to a meticulous quality assurance check before we put them up for sale. Find your 40ft container for sale in our online shop. Or rent a container instead.