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Do you need more than 10 containers?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, once you select a new container, the available colours will be displayed in the webshop.

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The costs for the delivery of the container(s) depend on the location and the amount of containers you want to be delivered. The delivery costs will be calculated based on your postal code.

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You can find the prices of our new and used shipping containers immediately in our web shop. You can also find the rental prices in our container web shop.

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Each new container is shipped once directly from factory to Europe.

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Naomi Schönbeck
Naomi Schönbeck
Inside Sales and Rental

About 10ft high cube containers

Our 10ft high cube container doesn’t take up much space. It’s a foot higher than our regular 10ft container: no more worrying whether your load will be just a bit too high. This container is always has a good fit. It might be humble, but it packs a real punch and will rise to any challenge you subject it to. It knows that less really can be more.

Applications of 10ft high cube containers
These intermodal starlets are customizable inside and out: change their top, their paint job, their floor, their doors, even their walls. They’ll be as durable and dependable as ever. With its CSC certificate, a 10ft high cube shipping container will carry your cargo anywhere in the world. No matter if it’s strapped to a ship, tied to a truck, or even put on a plane. This container is up to the task. Not as much of a globetrotter? Then your 10ft high cube container can provide ample storage, too.

Types of 10ft high cube containers
Offshore adventures are no problem whatsoever for our 10ft high cube offshore containers. Let the wind and rain beat down on this brave little. It’s wind and watertight, so your goods are safe for sure. Looking for a container that’s a bit more delicate? Check out our moving containers : with their lacquered floor, additional air vents, and tie strips, they’re perfect for transporting furniture.

Buy or rent a 10ft high cube container online
If this is your first foray into the world of containers and looking for a flexibel container solution? Consider renting a container. Ready to really tie the knot with your 10ft high cube paramour? Then browse our 10ft high cube containers for sale: both new and used. In our online shop, you’re sure to find the exact container you’ve been dreaming of.

10ft High Cube