20ft Hard Top

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20ft Hard Top

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20ft Specifications

External size (mm)

Length: 6058 Width: 2438 Height: 2591

Internal size (mm)

Length: 5910 Width: 2345 Height: 2385

Weight (kg)

Max. payload: 28235 Tare: 2245 Max. gross: 30480

20ft Hard Top container

Our 20ft hard top container keeps your cargo safe and sound during shipping. It’s easy to load, too. Find yours in our online shop.

20ft hard top container
You want to be able to load your container from the top? Then you need our 20ft hard top container. Hard top containers have removable roofs, allowing for easy loading. Put the roof back on and you’ll find it’s lockable to boot. So you can be sure that whatever you’re shipping or storing will still be there when you need it. To top it all off, this container meets ISO standards and is CSC-certified. Check out the brand new 20ft hard top containers for sale in our online shop.

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