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22G1 20FT Standaard new black Corner shadow
22G1 20FT Standaard new Green Corner shadow
22G1 20FT Standaard new Grey Corner shadow
22G1 20FT Standaard new blue Corner shadow
22G1 20ft standard New Red Corner
22G1 20ft standard New Traffic Red Corner

20ft Standard

€ 3.700
22G1 20ft Refurbished black Corner
22G1 20ft Refurbished Green Corner
22G1 20ft Refurbished white Corner
22G1 20ft Refurbished Grey Corner

20ft Standard

€ 2.500
22G1 20FT Standaard USED Yellow Corner shadow

20ft Standard

€ 2.125

This image is an indication

22G1 20FT Standaard Rental Red Corner shadow

20ft Standard

€ 1,75 p.d.

Business customers only

Easy to open
22GB 20ft standard 3doorhandles new BlueCorner

20ft Standard Three Door Handles

€ 3.600
Steel floor
22G4 20FT Steel floor new blue corner

20ft Steel Floor

€ 3.900
22G0 20FT double door rental blue Corner

20ft Double Door

€ 2,50 p.d.

Business customers only

22K3 20FT Workshop new blue Corner

20ft Workshop

€ 3,75 p.d.

Business customers only

Do you need more than 10 containers?

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20ft container

Are you looking for a container for extra storage or the transportation of goods? Then a 20ft container is the perfect solution. Thanks to its ideal combination of space and flexibility, it is a popular dimension among container lovers. Besides, a 20-foot container is easy to transport and is therefore perfectly suitable when moving houses. Last but not least, our 20ft containers meet ISO standards, which makes them stackable, and they have a CSC certificate, which makes them suitable for intermodal transport. So you know for sure that you can ship or store your items confidently.

Dimensions 20ft container

A standard 20ft container is 6,036 mm long, 2,438 mm wide and 2,591 high. The interior dimensions are the following: 5,898 mm long and 2,362 mm wide. The content is approximately 33 m3 and the weight of an empty container is 2,000 kilo on average.

Different types of 20ft containers

Do you prefer a 20ft container, but find it annoying that most of them can only be opened on one side? Within our range of 20ft containers you will not only find the standard container, but you can also opt for a Double Door container. This type of container can be opened on both short sides, making it easy to load and unload your goods. If you are mostly looking for (extra) security, the 20ft container is the perfect solution for you - a popular choice in the storage and construction industries.

If you are only interested in having extra storage capacity, you can always consider a used or refurbished container. These types of containers have been around for years, but can still be used safely. They are perfect when you are looking for an affordable solution. In short, whatever your preference, the possibilities at Caru Containers are endless.

Buy or rent a new, used or refurbished 20ft container

Would you like to buy a new, used or refurbished 20ft container? We’re here to help. A new one can be shipped to the Netherlands directly from our warehouse. If you prefer to purchase a refurbished container, it will be reconditioned so it is ready to be used again. You still prefer not to buy? We also offer the possibility of renting a container. Are you looking for a specific container, color or simply need more advice? Get in touch with one of our account managers who will be happy to help you further. And don’t you worry about any unexpected costs. We are the only provider that gives you full transparency on prices.