Container sizes: A complete overview

Tue, 10 Mar 2020 min reading

Suppose you have an immense or compact amount of goods and you are still looking for a suitable solution for safe transport or efficient storage. Ever thought of a CARU shipping container? With a robust and flexible shipping container you transport your goods from A to B very practically.

Shipping containers are also available in various sizes and are ISO and CSC
certified. They have a sturdy steel skin and offer 100% protection against external
influences. Because of this the weather or vermin really doesn't stand a
chance! Moreover, shipping containers can be used in many ways. You can
illuminate them from the inside and view them as living space, turn them into a
workplace, use them as a temporary bicycle tunnel for construction projects or
use them as sustainable and cool storage space for food. Whether it is a brand
new or used container: you are at the right place at CARU.


Which size should I choose for my shipping container?

When you are looking for a suitable shipping container, you first need to ask yourself: what do I need it for? This is because there are very different container sizes for different purposes. Simply put, you have a choice of 8, 10, 20, and 40ft shipping containers. In between are the so-called "high cube" container variants in sizes 20- and 40ft. These shipping containers are 1 foot higher than the standard size.

8ft container size: minimalist and compact

A modest 8ft container is ideal if you are looking for a compact storage space for your
belongings and do not want to be stuck with a half-filled container. The
container has a wooden floor and has an external height of 2.26 meters and an
external length of 2.44 meters. Internally, the height is 2.06 meters and in
length you have 2.29 meters of storage space. Add to that a maximum payload of
5050 kg and you can manage!

10ft container size: personal and robust

The 10ft container also falls under the modest category but offers just a little more
extra than its smaller brother. How about a robust steel floor and the
possibility to personalize your container to your own taste? The 10ft container
is also completely water and windproof, which means that it can hold its own
even during off-shore adventures. In terms of external height, count at 2.59
meters and external length at 2.99 meters. The internal height is 2.39 meters
and the length 2.84 meters. The maximum payload comes down to 8860 kg.

20 ft container size: flexible and popular

The 20ft container is a good choice when you have big plans. Whether it concerns a
large-scale move or the safe transport of a large amount of goods. The popular
standard 20ft container has an external height of 2.59 meters and an external
length of 6.06. The internal height is 2.39 meters and the internal length 5.90
meters. In terms of maximum payload, you have over 28300 kg of storage space.
The slightly higher 20ft high cube variant has a maximum of 15820 kg of storage
space and will certainly not go unnoticed. 20ft containers are also available
with double door. This allows you to open both sides of the container and load
it easily.

40ft container size: robust world traveler

The 40 ft container with its dimensions (external height: 2.59 m, external length: 12.18
m // internal height: 2.39 m, internal length: 12.11 m) double doors and
(lockable) open roof can be called a true world traveler. An open roof - with
tarpaulin - ensures that you can easily load the container and carefully fill
it with contents. Thanks to the maximum weight capacity of 25980 kg and 26820
kg for the 40ft high cube variant, you can spread your wings!