Maasbree container waterval

Transforming a container into a restaurant with waterfall

Mon, 06 Sep 2021 min reading

Containers can be used for a wide variety of purposes. This is one of them! Holiday resort BreeBronne in Maasbree, the Netherlands, recently created a mini golf course. To offer their guests a unique experience, resort BreeBronne came up with the idea to transform a container into a roof terrace. Additionally, there is a waterfall streaming through the mini golf course. How special!

Because of the height differences within the course, the water flows through the roof of the container, ending in a spectacular waterfall. Definitely a unique experience for this holiday park and its guests! We discussed this project with our colleague Wessel Verheugd. 

Wessel, what was your initial reaction when you first heard about this waterfall project?

“I thought: ‘Well, we don’t see that everyday!’ At CARU Containers we obviously know that anything is possible with a container, but using it as a waterfall was quite a new experience. It definitely turned out to be a beautiful addition to this mini golf course!”

How long did it take before CARU Containers delivered this container to this customer?

“The customer made this order at the end of March. After we provided the container with a new coating, we were able to deliver it to the customer at the end of April. The customer then converted the container into this cool end result.”

What advice would you give potential customers who would also like to use containers for these types of unique projects?

“Think big! There are so many possibilities with a sea container. However, customers must realize that technical knowledge and skills are essential to convert a container. In doubt whether your idea is feasible or not? Contact us for advice!

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