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How does the delivery work?

The driver can only place containers on locations with a hard ground. This means that the driver can't drive the truck over sand, grass or any other soft ground. If this is the case, then you need to install road plates, so that the truck can safely place the container to the right place.

Make sure the container is horizotal and on a hard surface
We always deliver the container with a crane. The container can be placed up to about 3 meters next to the truck on a hard surface. Always make sure the container is horizontal. If the container is placed on unpaved ground, the doors may not open easily. For example, if the container is placed on a beach, we recommend that you to put the container on road plates.

Placing containers in a hall of shed
We do not place containers in a warehouse or any other closed space. Our trucks have a large crane and therefore it does not always fit. We can, however place the container in front of the warehouse. You can than place the container with a forklift at the correct location within your hall or shed.

Placing containers over a fence
We do not place containers over a fence. Of course, a photo can be delivered from the location of where the container must be placed, so that we can estimate the possibilities.