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22G1 20FT Standaard new black Corner shadow
22G1 20FT Standaard new Green Corner shadow
22G1 20FT Standaard new Grey Corner shadow
22G1 20FT Standaard new blue Corner shadow
22G1 20FT Standaard new white Corner shadow
22G1 20ft standard New Red Corner
22G1 20ft standard New Traffic Red Corner

20ft Standard

€ 3.600
22G1 20FT Standaard Refurbished Blue Corner
22G1 20ft Refurbished black Corner
22G1 20ft Refurbished Green Corner
22G1 20ft Refurbished white Corner
22G1 20ft Refurbished Grey Corner
22G1 20ft Standard Refurbished RAL5013 Corner

20ft Standard

€ 2.700
22G1 20FT Standaard USED Yellow Corner shadow

20ft Standard

€ 2.150

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Willem Jan Kort
Commercial Manager Projects, Offshore & Modification

Offshore containers

Offshore containers

Offshore containers effortlessly carry the heaviest loads and resist the harshest usage and weather conditions. That’s why you can use our DNV 2.7-1 containers to protect your cargo anytime, anywhere. There’s a reason these juggernauts are popular with offshore operators, the oil & gas industry, and for offshore wind energy.

What is an offshore container?

Offshore containers are maritime containers, manufactured according to the oil and gas standards defined by DNV. While at sea, DNV offshore containers are put into place and lifted up by cranes. Sometimes they have to deal with sudden forces during harsh weather. Even then these containers are meant to stay in one piece without endangering the operation. They’re wind and water-tight and can withstand a bit of rough handling because of their thick steel skin. We can supply every offshore container with a sling set. This DNV ordained rigging comes in handy when there’s no regular container handler.

The many uses of offshore containers

Offshore containers can carry cargo like their more commonplace colleagues. But we also offer made-to-order offshore containers. These can be used for storage, as a workspace, and as generator housing. Contact our offshore expert to discuss the offshore modifications you’ve got in mind.

Offshore containers of all sizes

Every load is different, so we manufacture containers of different sizes. Our smallest offshore container is 6ft. His bigger brothers such as the 10ft 15ft, and 20ft containers offer more offshore storage capacity. Our 40ft offshore container can tackle the heftiest jobs. That particular type we can make to order. Looking for a size we haven’t mentioned? Please let us know!

Production and quality control for offshore containers

Our guiding principle is to create an offshore container that complies with all ISO, CSC, and DNV standards. We focus on easy international transport and offshore use. All CARU containers are produced in China on a CARU-exclusive production line. With Dutch supervision and advice. As a result, we can deliver consistent quality that meets the most recent standards. We do not have our own engineering team within CARU. But if you supply the technical drawings, we are happy to help you with your special offshore containers.
Because of our close ties between development and production, we can investigate the feasibility of our clients’ every wish. That way, we can develop the perfect product together with you.

Offshore container requirements

Before CARU offshore containers are allowed to go to sea, our quality inspectors check them thoroughly. Our offshore containers meet the most recent standards:

DNV 2.7-1
2.7-2 and 2.7-3 upon request.
When making adjustments to our containers, we follow ISO 9001:2008 certification. So we’ll always deliver quality products.
Buying used offshore containers
Secondhand offshore containers are as useful as new ones. Our used containers bear their offshore scars with pride. A dent, a scratch, some light corrosion. We inspect all used offshore containers intensively before they’re put up for sale. These offshore containers are still ready for a lifetime of labor and loyalty. They won’t leave our depot before they’ve gone through mandatory retesting. This process is carried out by independent parties at our depot in Rotterdam.

Buying or renting an offshore container

We can deliver offshore containers in every established offshore region. Ready to buy or rent an offshore container straightaway? Check out the current supply levels of CARU offshore containers. Would you prefer to discuss things with our offshore container expert first? Feel free to contact Willem Jan Kort.

Offshore purpose