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Perfect for transportation

40ft High Cube Standard

€ 5.450
45G1 40FT HIGH CUBE Yellow Used CORNER shadow

40ft High Cube Standard

€ 3.650

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45G1 40ft High Cube rental corner2

40ft High Cube Standard

€ 4,50 p.d.

Business customers only

45U9 40FT High cube rebuild used red corner

40ft Open Top High Cube Rebuild

€ 4.500

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Do you need more than 10 containers?

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Marco van Vugt
Marco van Vugt
Account manager Sales & Rental

About 40ft High Cube container

Our 40ft high cube container is the cream of the crop. It’s the second biggest container in our line-up: a foot higher than our regular 40ft container. All that extra space makes it perfect for the most demanding shipping or storage jobs.

Applications of 40ft high cube containers
Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing well. What’s better than safely shipping 1 grand piano to the other side of the planet? Shipping 35 of them, of course. Our 40ft high cube container scoffs at the concept of ‘overkill’. If you’ve got a big job that needs doing, this container is the box you’ve been looking for.

Types of 40ft high cube containers
Our containers will follow you everywhere. Why choose a smaller container for storage only to worry whether your Victorian courting bench will still fit in there? Go big or go home. Need to move stuff across the globe? Find shipping containers or moving containers in our online shop. Need a container that’s ready to weather the elements aboard a drilling rig? Check out our offshore containers .

Buy or rent a 40ft high cube container online
Our containers come in various levels of experience. Do you want a container fresh off of the factory floor? Made exactly to your specifications and ready for you to put your stamp on? Then choose a new container. Do you prefer your container to have lived a little? Our used containers are budget-friendly and guaranteed to get the job done despite some surface imperfections. Find your 40ft high cube container for sale and for rent in our online shop!

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