20ft High Cube Standard

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20ft High Cube Standard

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20ft High Cube Specifications

External size (mm)

Length: 6058 Width: 2438 Height: 2891

Internal size (mm)

Length: 5910 Width: 2345 Height: 2690

Weight (kg)

Max. payload: 28060 Tare: 2420 Max. gross: 30480

20ft High Cube Standard container

Our 20ft high cube standard container gives you that extra space you’ve been yearning for. Find this container for sale in our online shop!

20ft high cube standard container
When you choose our 20ft high cube standard container, you choose a touch of luxury. That extra foot it’s got on its standard sibling makes all the difference between a middle-of-the-road experience, and the star treatment. No more “I’ll make it fit,” and no more playing high stakes Tetris to get all your goods in the container in one piece. Looking for a new 20ft high cube container? We’ve got it for sale. Find the new 20ft container you’ve been looking for in our online shop.

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