8ft container

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8ft container

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8ft Specifications

External size (mm)

Length: 2438 Width: 2200 Height: 2260

Internal size (mm)

Length: 2287 Width: 2112 Height: 2059

Weight (kg)

Max. payload: 5050 Tare: 950 Max. gross: 6000

About 8ft Container

Our plucky 8ft containers are compact but just as convenient as bigger ones. Looking for a new or used container? Our containers are coming from different factories, the below weight can deviate.

Good things come in small packages. So when our 8ft container shows up at your doorstep, you know you’ve got something special. These plucky containers are compact but just as convenient as bigger ones.

Applications of 8ft containers
Our 8ft containers are here to help you out. They’ll politely stay out of the way in your dockyard, parking lot, or your garden. And while these containers don’t take up a lot of space, they still provide ample storage. No matter whether you’re storing tools, furniture, or supplies, our 8ft containers specialize in storage. This bantam box is transportable but really thrives when it’s allowed to put down roots.

Specifications of 8ft containers
Other containers come with all sorts of bells and whistles, but this fashionably minimalist container takes containers back to their essence: a metal box that keeps your stuff safe and dry. Of course, this container is customizable: upgrade its robust wooden floor to an even sturdier steel one. Or opt for a flashy paint job.

Buy or rent an 8ft container online
Need an offshore container for your drilling rig or a shipping container to bring goods across an ocean? Then consider sizing up to a bigger container. But if you’re looking for a reasonable, budget-friendly storage solution, this shorty has got you covered. Find your container for sale or for rent, used or new: we’ve got every container you could possibly need in our online shop. Get your little helper now!

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