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Atlas Copco Rental and CARU: offshore partners

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 min reading

Atlas Copco Rental is a worldwide leading provider of compressed air, power, steam and nitrogen rental equipment and services. CARU provides a safe home for Atlas Copco Rental machines when they go offshore.

Atlas Copco Rental and CARU Containers: offshore partners

With their dedicated offshore rental fleet of compressors, generators, nitrogen- and steam generators Atlas Copco Rental offers a complete range to serve the offshore industry. All their compressors, generators and other offshore equipment need to be transported safely and easily to offshore sites. In March 2012, we started handling our first order from Atlas Copco Rental. Thanks to this cooperation, CARU currently operates a flourishing branch of offshore containers. 

The perfect fit

Atlas Copco Rental is a worldwide leading provider of compressed air, power, steam and nitrogen rental equipment and services. To transport the machines safely, Atlas Copco Rental was searching for a partner that could fill in all their safety en environmental requirements. Willem Jan Kort, offshore specialist at CARU: “Their machines are designed to perfectly fit the 15ft or 20 ft container frames we offer. After taking accurate measurements and double-checking the frames we found out the sizes of the Atlas Copco Rental machines matched our frames to the millimetre. We adapted the container frames to meet all offshore rules, and our first DNV-certified container was born.”

Line of offshore containers

After this initial success, we started working together with Atlas Copco Rental more intensely for their special requests. Our standard 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft containers usually did not match the requirements. Therefore, we developed customized solutions to match their needs and demands. The result: a special line of products that we develop and build to spec, or existing products that are adapted to the requirements of our clients.

Compressor in a container

A recent example is the Drillair Y35 Stage II, developed by Atlas Copco: a powerful compressor that produces pressurized air for pipeline services. We developed the 15ft frame to provide a snug home for the machine. The DrillAir Y35 weighs in at 6.2 tonnes and fits the frame up to the millimetre.

Worldwide offshore cooperation

The success of the Dutch rental projects led to a further cooperation with Atlas Copco entities worldwide. Willem Jan: “After the projects for Atlas Copco in the Netherlands, we received orders from Atlas Copco Korea, Australia, South-Africa, Brazil, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

About Atlas Copco Rental

Atlas Copco Rental is a division within the Atlas Copco Group and serves customers in all industry segments around the world with temporary air, power, flow, steam and nitrogen rental onshore and offshore solutions.

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