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25G1 20FT High Cube new blue corner
This photo is an new 20ft high cube container in black
25G1 20FT High Cube new white corner

20ft High Cube Standard

25G0 20FT High Cube Double Door new blue Corner

20ft High Cube Double Door

25G2 20FT High Cube Full side acces new blue corner

20ft High Cube Full Side Access


About the 20ft High Cube container

20ft high cube container is just like the 20ft container a popular choice in the shipping world. They’re not too big or too small: they’re just right and also a foot higher than a standard 20ft container. Because of their ISO compliant design, they get along great with other containers. And since they’re CSC certified, they’re up for any intermodal undertaking you’ve got your heart set on.

Applications of 20ft high cube containers
Our 20ft high cube containers are more versatile than most. Looking to stand out from the crowd? Our 20ft high cube container is a foot higher than your garden-variety 20ft container. More of a wallflower? Then there’s our 20ft low cube container, which will more easily fit in an airplane hold to boot.

Types of 20ft high cube containers
There’s a 20ft high cube container for you, no matter what your purpose is. Braving the elements on a drilling rig? Our seaworthy offshore containers are standing at the ready. Storing items that are higher than normal? Our open top container has got you covered. Moving to a different continent? That’s a piece of cake with our moving containers. Or maybe you’ve got your sights set on a 20ft shipping container to get your goods where you need them.

Buy or rent a 20ft high cube container online
Either opt for a new or used container. And rest assured that our used containers have been subjected to an intense quality assurance check. Find your 20ft high cube container for sale in our online shop. Or rent a container instead!