20ft Offshore

20ft Offshore container

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20ft Offshore

20ft Offshore container

20ft Specifications

External size (mm)

Length: 6058 Width: 2438 Height: 2591

Internal size (mm)

Length: 5910 Width: 2345 Height: 2385

Weight (kg)

Max. payload: 13530 Tare: 2970 Max. gross: 16500

20ft Offshore container

Our 20ft Offshore container offers plenty of storage space without being huge. Completely wind and watertight and ready for heavy-duty use. Order one now.

20ft offshore container
This 20ft offshore container is 6 meters long. That way you’ve got plenty of space to store or transport your goods. This offshore container can withstand the harshest usage and weather conditions. It is wind and watertight and made of extra thick steel. Add a matching DNV 2.7-1 sling set (wire rope, superlooped) and you can move your container with ease. Additionally, our on-site CARU quality control team ensures that every container is high-quality.

Offshore containers are equipped with offshore pad eyes within ISO, a checker plate steel floor, and 5 hinges per rear door. Despite their low tare weight, they’ve got a high payload. Naturally, they comply with CSC, TIR, DNV 2.7-1 and EN12079 standards. Check how many offshore shipping containers we’ve got available for sale and for rent in our online shop.

MGW 16.500 kgs
Tare 2.970kgs
Payload 13.530 kgs

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