20ft Standard

3 Condition

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20ft Standard


20ft Specifications

External size Internal size
Length 6036 mm 5898 mm
Width 2438 mm 2362 mm
Height 2591 mm 2393 mm
Tare Max. payload Max. gross
1970 kg 28510 kg 30480 kg

20ft Standard Container

Our 20ft standard container is immensely popular. Sizable, movable, and CSC-certified: this container is always the right choice. Order yours online.

20ft standard container
Our 20ft standard container is the belle of the intermodal ball. That's no small wonder: this 20ft container has it all. It's CSC-certified, which makes it suitable for intermodal transportation. It's got plenty of space while still being easily transportable. And of course it meets ISO standards, so it's stackable too. With its sturdy wooden floor, it's the shipping and storage solution of choice around the world. Buying a new or used container, or renting a slightly experienced container? Marvel at the containers in our online shop.

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