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About Our Shipping Containers

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Shipping containers are an integral part of our local, national, and global economies. Given this, being able to purchase containers is not only important for governments and large, enterprise businesses, but for small business owners and individuals, too. At Caru Containers, we are passionate about making quality shipping and storage containers available to the communities that we serve. As the largest container dealer in Texas, we can guarantee you the best quality and prices for renting and purchasing new or used shipping containers. If you buy or rent your containers from anyone else, they either can’t match our quality, or they are selling you containers that they bought from us in the first place.

At Caru Containers, we are dedicated to making buying and renting containers a simple and transparent experience. Between our wide selection of containers and the many ways that we can modify them, we’ll help you find a container that perfectly fits your needs. When it comes to shipping and storing your most valued goods, cut out the middle-man and don’t settle for anything less than the best. Stop by our Dallas, Houston, or Austin location, or get in touch with us to reserve your containers today!

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If you are looking to purchase a shipping container, there is no better time than right now. We want to thank our customers for making us the largest container vendor in Texas, so we are currently offering $100 off of your purchase on new and used shipping containers. Swing by one of our locations in Dallas, Houston, or Austin, or contact us to take advantage of this local deal!

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Our Containers

Traditionally, shipping containers have helped people and businesses safely move and store their goods. Since becoming the standard in transportation, many people have found that these containers are incredibly versatile products whose only functional limitation is the imagination. At Caru Containers, we have the container you need, no matter how you plan to use it. Our standard offerings include:

  • 20-foot Standard Container- Never the wrong choice. Our most popular container is CSC-certified, making it suitable for intermodal transportation. ISO compliance means it is stackable, too. The size of 20-foot containers is the perfect compromise between capacity and convenience, making them the shipping and storage choice around the world.

    • 20-Foot Double Door - Both of the short sides of this container open, giving you better access to your goods.

    • 20-foot All Side Open - For the person who has to have it all. Every side of this container opens, giving you enviable access to your goods and allowing you to tackle any issue from every angle imaginable. 

    • 20-foot Open Top Original - This is our reliable 20ft container, but instead of a roof, it comes with a tarpaulin that’s easy to fasten and remove. With this container, you can transport or store oversized cargo effortlessly.  

    • 20-foot Offshore - Made of extra-thick steel and completely wind and watertight, this container can withstand the harshest usage and weather conditions. All containers meet CSC, ISO, TIR, DNV 2.7-1 and EN12079 standards. 

  • 20-foot Open Top DNV - This is the same great offshore container, only with a removable, weather-proof tarpaulin instead of a top! Easily drop your cargo inside from above, and trust that it will always stay safe and dry within the walls of this container.

  • 40-foot Standard Container - Our 40-foot standard container is CSC-approved and ready for intermodal transport. Spacious and stalwart, this shipping container does just as great of a job at storing your goods as it does at shipping them. 

    • 40-foot Double Door - When you need to bust out the big guns, you use a 40-foot container. When you want to add convenient access to your goods, you go with the double-door container, where both of the short sides open. 

    • 40-foot Open Top Original - When your cargo is large, unwieldy, or particularly challenging to load, this container is the clear choice for you. There is no roof on this container, so shipping and storing non-standard cargo is a breeze. 

  • 40-foot High Cube Standard Container - This CSC-certified and ISO-compliant shipping container is here when you want as much space as possible to fit your cargo. With an extra foot of height on its standard 40-foot sibling, this container makes fitting, organizing, and accessing your oversized goods easy. 

    • 40-foot High Cube Double Door - Everything offered by the 40-foot high cube standard container, plus the added convenience of both of the short sides opening. 

    • 40-foot High Cube Open Side - This container is the pinnacle of convenient access. One of the short sides and one of the long sides of this container open, allowing you to store, sort, and access your goods with ease. 

  • 10-foot Offshore Container - This shipping container is small but mighty. Fully compliant with ISO, CSC, TIR, DNV 2.7-1 and EN12079 standards, this wind and watertight container can take a hit.  

  • 10-foot High Cube - When you are a bit concerned about fitting your cargo in one of our 10-foot containers, but you know you don’t need a 20-foot product, the extra foot of height you will find with this high cube container hits the sweet spot. 

  • Furniture Containers - If you are purchasing a container specifically to store furniture, be sure and let us know. We have containers equipped with lacquered floors, air vents to prevent moisture build up, and tie strips to secure your furniture. 

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Shipping Container Modifications

At Caru Containers, we love shipping containers because they are an unpretentious product. Their job may not be complex, but it is always highly important, and they do their job well. From this base of simplicity springs endless possibilities, and our team is equipped to help you realize the vision you have for your container. We offer a number of modifications that we perform on-site once you have picked the shipping container that is right for you. Our Modifications include:

  • Exterior paint on all 10, 20, and 40-foot containers.

  • Interior paint on all 10, 20, and 40-foot containers.

  • Roll-up door installation: If you are using your container for storage and you anticipate yourself frequently going in and out of your container, the standard large swing doors of a shipping container can become a hassle. Installing a roll-up door is a great way to get in and out of your container quickly. 

  • Steel man door installation: If you need frequent access to the goods inside of your container, or you plan on converting the container into an office space or something similar, installing a safe steel man door is a must. This is an especially good option for those who know they need to install a door, but quickly tire of bending over to open a roll up door. 

  • Interior man door installation: All of our man doors come with a convenient push-bar on the interior for exiting the container, but if you would feel more comfortable having a door handle set up on the interior, we can make that happen for you. 

  • Install cargo doors on opposite end: If you have found the right container, but it needs to be accessible from both ends, we can install an extra set of cargo doors for you. 

  • Cut a unit down: If you need a particular size of shipping container that can be achieved by cutting and welding the unit, our expert team can help make that happen. 

  • Fork pocket installation: If you are going to need to be able to move your shipping container using a forklift, we will install pockets on your container so that it can be moved around easily and safely. 

  • Install Lockboxes: To keep your belongings safe and secure in your container, you need a reliable lockbox. Our lockboxes keep your pad lock out of view and inaccessible to bolt cutters, so even if someone really wants to get inside, they won’t be able to. 

  • Cut out and frame an opening for an A/C unit: If you are going to need to run an air conditioning unit into your shipping container, we can customize your container to get it ready for your A/C unit. 

  • Install a 3-by-3-foot window with security bars: You can have the natural light that you need inside of your shipping container without sacrificing security. Our team will happily install a 3-by-3-foot window with security bars for your safety. 

  • Install a 12-by-12-inch vent: Installing a vent in your container can be incredibly important. The ventilation increases airflow, which can help reduce heat, exhaust unsafe fumes, and prevent moisture buildup. Ventilation can also protect your container from serious damage. 

  •  Install a turbine vent: Turbine vents can help protect you, your cargo, and your container from the damages incurred from excess moisture or unruly temperatures. Turbine vents are installed on your roof and work by sucking the air out of your shipping container. Thus, they are most effective when paired with side vents to promote cross ventilation. Our team of experts can make that happen for you!

  • Install basic partition wall: For some, the “just throw it all in there” approach works just fine when using their container for storage. For those who like to stick to a plan, installing basic partition walls can create separate compartments inside a shipping container, making it easier to organize the goods inside. 

  • Install insulated partition wall: If the goods inside your storage container need additional temperature management, or certain goods need to be separate from each other and stored in their own specific climate, we can install an insulated partition wall for you. If you are turning your shipping container into a liveable space, this can also be a very important part of your larger insulation modifications. 

  • Stud, insulate, and OSB line your walls & ceiling: If you are building a container home, or if you need to take great care in keeping the temperature of the air inside your container from being affected by the temperature outside of your container, our crew can fully furnish your unit with the highest quality of wood and insulation. This modification can be applied to our 20-foot containers as well as our 40-foot standard and 40-foot high cube units. 

  • Install our standard electrical package: Whatever the vision for your shipping container is, we can bring it to life by installing a full electrical set-up in the following units:

    • 20-foot containers: package includes two lights, four outlets, and a breaker box. 

    • 40-foot containers: package includes four lights, eight outlets, and a breaker box. 

  • Install an 8,000btu AC/Heat window unit with a security cage: If you prefer to know that your AC unit is fully optimized for your shipping container, we can install an 8000btu AC and heat window unit. Find comfort and convenience in knowing that you don’t have to go out and find a compatible unit specifically for the unique properties of your container. Our team will also install a security cage around your AC unit to protect your investment and keep your unit reliable. 


What Sets CARU Containers Apart From The Competition

Shipping containers are simple and effective. Our business model revolves around doing everything we can to make the purchasing and renting process simple and stress-free for our customers.

There are many perks when you buy your container from Caru. As the largest container dealer in Texas, we are able to beat the quality and the prices of our competition. This is largely because most of our competition gets their containers from us to begin with.

Additionally, Caru Containers is one of the largest container dealers in the world. So, if we don’t have what you are looking for at our one of our Texas locations, contact us and we can use our global network to help you find what you need. 

Unfortunately, there are other container dealers who will sell you containers that they don’t even have yet, and then scramble to find or construct a container after you have made your purchase. This can easily lead to you overpaying for a container that doesn’t meet the rigorous quality standards that we enforce at Caru. Unlike many container vendors, we have a physical location right here in Texas. Instead of putting blind faith in the integrity of a container that you won’t see until after you have paid for it, come on down to one of our locations, meet the team, and allow us to work with you to pick out the right container, in-person. 

Our Suite of Container Modification Options

Our team of dedicated experts has the knowledge and experience to perform an extensive list of modifications to your container. Most other vendors will sell you the container as is, and then leave it up to you to find a reputable third-party vendor to perform modifications. 

Convenient Container Delivery
We offer two different delivery options so that our containers can come to you.

Rollback-Landoll Brand Trailers
We will bring your containers to you and unload them where you need us to.

Flatbed Service
This is our cheaper container delivery service, but you must provide a forklift to take the container off of the bed of the delivery truck.

Ready To Get Started?

At Caru Containers, we believe in providing our customers with a personalized and transparent experience that makes purchasing and renting a shipping container a quick and easy process. Contact us to find the right container today!

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