Choosing Modifications for Your Shipping Container

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At Caru Containers, we love shipping containers because they are simple, reliable products that you can always count on to get the job done. However, if you are dealing with sensitive cargo or custom projects, you may need more than the traditional container. 

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When properly modified, shipping containers are incredibly versatile products that can be used for a wide variety of purposes — but how do you know which modifications to pick? In today’s blog, we will walk you through the shipping container modifications that we offer here at Caru Containers so that you can purchase the perfect container for your next project.

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Custom Paint 

There are many reasons you may need your shipping container to be a specific color. Perhaps you need your container to match the others you are using for intermodal transport, or maybe you are building a shopping complex using multiple containers and you need them to be uniform for aesthetic purposes. Choose from our wide selection of colors and our team can paint the exterior of your unit. Are you building an office for yourself? If you are going to be spending a lot of time in there you may want to consider having the interior painted a comforting or inspiring color — we can do that too!

Container Doors

Picking the right doors is all about the accessibility of your container. Most containers come with large, swinging cargo doors that open up from the middle, but these doors can be a hassle if you are frequently entering and exiting your shipping container. Here are some of the doors that we can install:

  • Roll-up door: accessing your container is much easier with a reliable roll-up door. Instead of muscling open your large cargo doors, just slide this model up to enter and slide it right back down when you are done.

  • Steel man-door: the roll-up model is great, but if you have a bad back or you’re going to get tired of bending over to open the door, add a durable and secure steel man-door. This is a traditional door, so it is perfect if you are turning your container into an office or living space. We can also install a push bar or a door handle on the interior. 

  • Cargo doors on the opposite end: if you don’t need anything fancy but you want to access your container from both ends, we can install an extra set of cargo doors for you.


Will you be storing or transporting expensive goods in your container? You need to make sure that your valuables are safe, and a little ‘ol padlock isn’t going to cut it. In fact, criminals will cut your padlock! Getting a simple lockbox installed is an affordable and effective solution that will keep uninvited guests out. 

Forklift Pockets

Unless you are using your container for storage and leaving it in one place, you are going to need some heavy machinery to move your shipping container. Don’t jeopardize the integrity of your goods or risk serious injuries — our team can install forklift pockets to make moving your container safe and easy. 

Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

There are plenty of reasons to install an air conditioning or ventilation system in your shipping container. First off, a wide variety of goods, materials, and metals can be compromised if you don’t keep your container at a consistent temperature. Temperature change causes the humidity of the air inside of your unit to change, and this can lead to mold growth and cause a wide range of materials to deteriorate or become brittle. We suggest that you install an AC unit or ventilation system if you plan on keeping goods in your container for an extended period of time. Here are a few modifications that we can perform on your new shipping container.

  • Cut an opening for an AC unit: If you want an AC unit at all, we are going to have to cut an opening in your container for it. This option is for those who already have an AC unit that they can add to their container after purchase.

  • Install an 8,000 btu AC window unit: Want to leave it to the professionals? We will install a premium AC/Heat unit with a security cage to protect it from theft and normal wear-and-tear. Get peace of mind knowing that your AC system is the right fit for your container and whatever it will hold.

  • Install a vent: the extra airflow from a 12-by-12-inch vent can reduce heat and expel dangerous fumes from your shipping container. 

  • Install a turbine vent: if you want to prevent the build up of harmful moisture in your unit, you need to install a turbine vent on your roof. These premium vents are installed on the top of your roof and work by sucking the air out of your container. Ask our team about installing side-vents to get the most out of your turbine unit. 

Partition Walls 

Is organization important to you? While some people don’t mind stuffing all their goods into their unit and dealing with it later, others like to take a more systematic approach. Partition walls are a great way to keep your goods separated and neatly organized. If you plan to turn your shipping container into a living space, they can also split your container into separate rooms. We offer a few different modification options for partition walls.

  • Install basic partition wall: add sturdy and durable partition walls to your unit

  • Install insulated partition wall: if you are shipping or storing particularly temperature-sensitive goods, we can insulate your partition walls. This is also an essential if you plan on making your container a liveable space. 

Advanced Modifications

If you need the very best for your shipping container and the valuables it holds, or if you are planning on turning your unit into an office or liveable space, we offer advanced modifications to bring your vision to life. 

  • Stud, insulate, and OSB line your walls and ceiling: If you need the utmost in temperature control for your valuables, or if you are building a shipping container home, our experts can furnish your container with high-grade wood and insulation. 

  • Install an electrical package: We will set your unit up with lights, outlets, and a breaker box. Packages vary based on the size of your container. Contact us for details!

If you are buying a shipping container, it needs to be the right one for the job. No matter what you have planned for your unit, Caru Containers has you covered. Our local team is always here to answer any questions and help make your purchasing process simple and stress-free. Keep up with our blog for important information and the latest in the world of shipping and storage containers. Stop by our Austin, Dallas, or Houston locations to check out our containers for yourself, or get in touch with us with any questions. We are proud to be Texas’ preferred shipping container dealer — contact us today!