Rental Containers
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Rental Containers

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Rental Containers

Shipping containers are a sturdy and safe way to easily load, ship, and handle your cargo. Don’t have shipping containers of your own? Contact one of our locations for rental options!




Shipping Container Rentals

When you rent shipping containers from CARU Containers, you can choose the right size and quantity for your project. Get started with our rental program if you’re in Houston, Dallas, and Austin!

Receiving your shipping container rentals

Are you ready to rent shipping containers from CARU Containers? We offer shipping container delivery and rental from our locations in Houston, Dallas, and Austin! You can expect delivery of your rented shipping container(s) within 2–5 days and delivery will be done with a tilt bed trailer.

What size containers are available to rent?

We offer shipping container rentals in both our 20ft and 40ft sizes. Both of these size containers are available as single or double doors.

About our 20ft shipping containers

20ft shipping containers are the most popular containers to use for cargo storage and shipping. That’s because these containers provide the perfect amount of space. Their design is ISO compliant and they are CSC certified, so you’re getting a versatile container for all your shipping needs.

About our 40ft shipping containers

If you’re looking for a bigger shipping container, our 40ft containers are great for a larger project. These CSC certified and ISO compliant containers are great for keeping goods stored and organized in a warehouse or shipping anywhere around the world.

What you get with our shipping container rentals

All of our shipping container rentals are watertight to keep your cargo safe and secure. Our rentals can also include lock boxes for added security. If you have additional security or accessibility questions, contact us so we can help!

Take advantage of our rent-to-own program

You can rent our 20ft and 40ft shipping containers today and work towards owning those same shipping containers through our rent-to-own program.

We also rent shipping container office space

We offer 20ft and 40ft full office space shipping containers to give you the space you need to work or expand.

Or if you’re looking for storage space along with office space, we offer split offices so you can have enough space for everything. See the dimensions of our split office shipping containers:

● 20ft Storage Container Office
  ⚬ 10ft of shipping container office
  ⚬ 10ft of shipping container storage

● 40ft Shipping Container Office
  ⚬ 16ft of shipping container office
  ⚬ 24ft of shipping container storage

How long can you rent our shipping containers?

Some companies have a minimum of two to three months for rentals. But we know that your shipping container rental depends on a variety of factors and needs.That’s why there is no minimum rental duration for our shipping containers.

Rent from CARU Containers today

If you’re looking for a shipping container rental company in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, choose CARU Containers. You can also use our rent-to-own program to rent your shipping containers today and make your payments work towards owning those shipping containers for yourself.

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