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Foldable container 4FOLD for sale and lease

The first foldable container worldwide to be fully CSC as well as ISO certified.

Shipping containers have caused a revolution in international trade. Unfortunately, import and export are almost never in balance, causing high costs and environmental impact due to empty shipment.

The 4FOLD 40ft High cube foldable container is the first solution to be both fully CSC and ISO certified.


  • Lower transport costs
  • Lower storage costs
  • Shorter handling time for lift on/lift off
  • Lower CO2 emissions and environmental impact


  • Fully compatible 40ft High Cube container
  • ISO and CSC certified
  • Easy and fast folding with standard equipment


Cooperation with Holland Container Innovations

Holland Container Innovations is the company that has successfully developed the first foldable container with ISO certification. In November 2013 CARU Containers has acquired shares of the company and acts as the preferred leasing partner for the 4FOLD 40ft High cube container.

Holland Container Innovations and CARU Containers work together to further develop and market this innovation. 

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Folding and unfolding the 4FOLD containers

Unfolded the 4FOLD container has the same dimensions and specifications as a regular 40ft high cube container. When collapsed, four containers take up the space of a single unit. The folding- and unfolding process can be done in a matter of minutes and only few people are required.