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The 20-foot container has a height of 2,591m, a width of 2,438m and a length of 6,058m.

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The 40-foot container has a height, width and length.

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The high cube container is 30 cm higher than a standard container.

The secondhand containers have been used for international sea, rail and road transport for many years.

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A container is wind and water tight if no wind or water can penetrate the container on condition that it is used the way it is supposed to.

Cargo Worthy is a criterion that indicates that a second hand container is fit to ship cargo.

Every supplier will have different definitions of the above phrases. It’s important to CARU to be as transparent as possible so our customers knows the product they are purchasing.

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ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization.

CSC stands for International Convention for Safe Containers.

You can download the container’s CSC certificate on our portal.

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We provide the CSC certificate for free.

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