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Excelsior Rotterdam builds Fan Court with CARU Containers

Wed, 10 Jan 2018 min reading

We supplied 4 specially modified CARU containers for the creation of a Fan Court for Rotterdam football club Excelsior.

As Rotterdam-born company, we have had a warm relationship with Rotterdam football club Excelsior for years. The club is growing: the stands are always packed and that means more facilities are needed. The solution? The Excelsior Fan Court. Built with 4 specially modified CARU containers.

More hungry Excelsior Fans

For the last few seasons, Excelsior has been playing the Eredivisie, Holland’s top level in the football league system. This success has been attracting a steadily growing number of fans, meaning facilities will have to grow accordingly. Getting something to eat or drink was becoming too much of a hassle.

A square of containers

Excelsior has created the Fan Court: a central place on the grounds where supporters meet before and during the match. A place to have a snack, a beer, and a chat. We supplied 4 specially modified CARU containers:
• Snack container
• Drinks container
• Fanshop container
• E-sports container

Beer, bite, FIFA

We fitted the snack and drinks containers with refrigerators, deep fryers, and other kitchen appliances. Hungry and thirsty fans can meet at the court for a snack and a drink. The Fanshop sells shirts, scarves, and other Excelsior merchandise. And in the e-sports container, fans can go head to head with a game of FIFA.

“With the Fan Court, we have been able to contribute to a place specially for the Excelsior fans. The club is growing fast, and a place like this helps to maintain the small-scale, community spirit of Excelsior.”

Rob Tromp, CEO at CARU Containers

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