What can you do with containers?

Wed, 20 Mar 2019 min reading

Think containers are boring? Not at all! There are large, small, high and double-door containers. But you can also find them with open tops, used, for sale, for rent and in every colour of the rainbow. Thanks to the invention of the century, you now have infinitely more storage space and can also transport your stuff quickly and easily from A to B. And you can even transform a container into a snack bar, like our customer Excelsior did. Read on to find out what you can do with containers!

Need more storage space? No problem with a storage container

Need extra filing space for your office? Or somewhere to store tools, supplies, furniture or whatever? Containers are increasingly being used by construction companies, beach pavilion owners, clubs and agricultural companies, among others, who want to keep their goods clean, dry and safe. Your property will not only be protected from all kinds of weather conditions, but also from uninvited guests and vermin. 

Popular storage containers include the 20ft Double Door container with doors on both sides for easy access to your items and the somewhat smaller 8ft container.
Tip: what if you have plenty of room for your things, but still have lots of space on your site? Put down a container and rent out the storage space.

Your goods from A to B

A shipping container is the perfect means of transport for your goods. Its sturdy steel casing will protect your cargo from wind and weather, theft, vermin and damage caused by collisions with other objects. And thanks to their standard sizes, shipping containers can easily be loaded onto trucks, trains or ships, for example. 

Transport containers are available in all shapes and sizes. From the small but tall 10ft High Cube container to a hefty model like the 40ft Open Top container with its open top for the easy loading of large items.

Removal containers

Containers are therefore the perfect means of transport, especially when you are moving house. Removal containers have painted floors to keep your belongings clean, moisture vents and binding strips to secure your belongings firmly.

Your new snack bar or pool

A container is actually a large steel box, primarily designed for storage and transport. All the same, you can do pretty much anything you like with it. For example, you can have a container transformed into a snack bar, drinks bar, e-sports or fan shop container, like the football club Excelsior did in its fan area using four of our containers. A container can also be used as a swimming pool, horse stable, bar or camper.

Note: CARU containers are excellent for building purposes. Do you have any modification plans? Feel free to come to us for your container. We can also help you with standard modifications.

Get constructive with containers

Building on the conversion discussion: containers are also highly suitable as (building blocks for) buildings. Containers are increasingly being used as the basis for houses, offices, catering outlets, pavilion-like buildings and even shops. Why? Well, because container buildings are quick, cheap and easy to move.

What will you do with your container?

Do you need a container for storage, transport, relocation or conversion? Large, small, tall, with an open top, double door or even one that opens on all sides? In the CARU Containers webshop, you can buy a new – or preloved – container that perfectly suits your requirements. What if you just need the container temporarily? You can also rent a container from us, starting at just 2.50 euros per day.

Answers to all your questions

Do you still have any questions about our rental or purchased containers? For example, would you like to find out more about the condition of a used shipping container? Or whether you can you come and see the container? And whether the container you have ordered can be delivered? Feel free to scroll through the frequently asked questions on our website, where you will find answers to all your questions.

Want to buy a container?

Do you want to buy a container? The containers are available in our webshop for an affordable price!

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