Do you need more than 10 containers?
Do you need more than 10 containers?

Do you need more than 10 containers or need a different type? Contact us.

Rent storage containers

Are you busy renovating your house and looking for a safe and large storage unit for your furniture? Then renting a furniture container is a great idea. Furniture containers are large, sturdy and robust, and are made to protect their cargo from all kinds of weather conditions. Unlike other types of containers, a storage container stays firmly in place and protects your belongings. Besides renting a container to store furniture, you can use storage containers for other purposes. For example, storage containers are also used in the automotive industry to store summer or winter tires. In the constructive industry as well, containers are used to store materials during construction projects. In addition, storage containers can be used as office space or to store supplies at an event. At CARU Containers Rotterdam, you will find storage containers for rent.

What types of storage containers are there?

Storage containers are known for being wind- and watertight. This means that your belongings are well protected and there’s no worry of having your items damaged by (bad) weather conditions. They are also lighter than shipping containers. Although the containers can be moved, they are perfect to store in a fixed location. There are different types of storage containers for rent. It is for example possible to rent a furniture container, which has a lacquered floor to protect your furniture even better. The open top container is easy to access and can be closed with a tarp. The containers are available in all kinds of dimensions. It is possible to rent storage containers from 8ft to 45ft. A 10ft container is often used during renovation projects to temporarily store items. Associations and commercial properties often rent a 20ft or 40ft container for the storage of goods and large materials. All models are CSC-certified.

Price rental containers

Would you like to know the rental price of a storage container? The price of a container depends on the type of container you wish to rent as well as the duration of the rental. You can choose to rent either a new or a used storage container. Renting containers is perfect if you temporarily need a container. Renting a storage container is easy via the web shop. Pick the model of your choice and order it online. Look at the different prices for containers on this page and ask our customer service for more information.