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Storage containers

Storage containers are the sturdy guardians that keep your belongings safe while you’re off doing that thing you do. Not the most glamorous of jobs, but an important one nonetheless. While our other containers weather storms at sea or jet set around the world, a storage container stays at home. Protecting your stuff from the elements and unwanted intruders.

What is a storage container?

A storage container’s primary purpose is to keep your cargo clean, dry, and safe. They are of course mobile, but their true value lies in guarding your belongings. Plop them down in your yard, right outside your office, or on your festival grounds, and pack them full of your precious goods. They’ll be there when you need them.

What do you use storage containers for?

Storage containers are used for a multitude of purposes. We’re sure you’re creative enough, but we’ve compiled a few examples anyway. Storage containers are great as an archive for your office or to store tools and equipment on your construction site. You can also use them to hold extra supplies during that big event you’re organizing. And anything else you can dream up.

What sets storage containers apart?

Storage containers are wind and watertight, and usually made of a lighter material than containers meant for transport. They’re still durable and dependable but tend to be more suited for life at home than for wild intermodal adventures. They’re very secure and keep out vermin and good-for-nothings alike.

Types of storage containers

Our storage containers can be customized to fit your needs. Opt for a furniture container with a lacquered floor to keep your antique armoire safe. Or enjoy the easy access our open top containers provide. Looking for more security? Our hard top containers have got you covered. Need multiple doors? Say no more. And if you’re looking for something specific, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dimensions of storage containers

Storage containers are available in various sizes, too. Our 6ft and 8ft containers are perfect for smaller jobs. Our 10ft container is the next size up. Then there’s our 20ft and 40ft containers: the 2 most popular sizes in the industry. Need a bit more oomph? Our 45ft container is the biggest box we offer.

Worldwide delivery of storage containers

Wherever you need a storage container, we’ll try to get one to you. Usually this works out great. After all, we are working together with over 200 depots all over the world. So your container is bound to be right around the corner, ready to fulfil your storage desires.

Second-hand storage containers

In addition to new containers, we have used storage containers in our line-up. These second-hand containers are subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process. Only then do they receive the okay to continue their rich career under your expert guidance. There might be some surface level imperfections, but you know not to judge a box by its cover.

Buying storage containers?

No matter whether you’re looking for a new or a used storage container, we’ve got something for you. Ready to buy a container? We have plenty of storage containers for sale.