Do you need more than 10 containers?

20ft All Side Open

≈ 6,1m

20ft All Side Open container

New 20ft all side open container
Our 20ft all side open container embodies everything we stand for. At CARU, we want to make the container business simple, transparent, human, and fun. And it doesn’t get a lot more transparent than this container. All sides open up: both short sides and both long sides. Shipping or storing something especially unwieldy? With this container, you can approach that conundrum from every angle imaginable. Find your brand new all side open container for for sale in our online shop.


External size Internal size
Length 6058 mm 5844 mm
Width 2436 mm 2224 mm
Height 2591 mm 2299 mm
Tare Max. payload Max. gross
4200 kg 16280 kg 30480 kg


  • ISO certified
  • CSC certified
  • Wind & Water Tight
  • Cargo Worthy
  • Wooden floor
  • Lockbox