Do you need more than 10 containers?
Do you need more than 10 containers?

Do you need more than 10 containers or need a different type? Contact us.

8 ft container

Small, but beautiful. This is the best way to describe our 8ft containers. They are perfect if you only need a little bit of storage capacity, don’t want to pay for space you will not use anyway and want to safely leave your goods. Please note that because this size of container is mainly meant for storage, it does not have a CSC certificate and cannot be shipped. Nothing wrong with that when you want to use the container to store your furniture or materials temporarily. In short, an 8-foot container is modest and minimalist, while remaining extremely practical and reliable.

Dimensions 8ft high cube container

An 8ft high cube container is 2,438 mm long and 2,200 mm wide. The interior dimensions of an 8ft container are the following: 2,287 mm long and 2,112 mm wide. The content is approximately 10 m3 and the weight of an empty container is 950 kilo on average.

Different types of 8ft containers

Once you have decided to buy an 8ft container, you can then choose between two types: the 8ft container with wooden or steel floor. The option you go for will mostly depend on what you want to store in the container. If it is furniture, then a container with wooden floor is perfect. If you are handling liquids, then it is better to choose the 8ft container with steel floor. This is due to the fact that the floor can be cleaned thoroughly and the liquids can and will never soak into the floor.

Buy or rent a new 8ft container

In some cases you may only need a container temporarily, for example if you are in a middle of a renovation or sporadically need extra storage space for goods. In that case it can be interesting to rent an 8ft container. If you need an 8ft container for a longer period, it may be more profitable to buy one. Both options are possible with us. Besides, with us you always know where you stand when it comes to price, as we are the only provider that gives you full transparency. If you are still not entirely sure or need some more information, get in touch with one of our account managers. They will be happy to help you!