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Used containers

Are you looking for a safe way to transport and store your goods? Then renting a used container is
the perfect solution. A used container can also be used as office space. It is indeed
possible to create additional space with a container. One of the major reasons to rent a
storage container is its large size and how many items it can fit. That way you have a
permanent solution to your lack of storage space. You can storage used containers in many
different dimensions from us. Whatever purpose you want to use the storage container for,
there is always a suitable size!

Why rent a used container?

Renting a used container can be an affordable solution when it appears that the rental price of
a new container is not within the budget. The price of used containers is a lot lower than the
price of new containers. These containers are however not any less good than the new
models. The difference between models lies in the fact that used containers have been serving
for some time as containers for international sea, road or rail transports. Hence, the container
might show traces of use in the form of scratches, dents or rust. These containers are still
CSC-certified and have been thoroughly inspected by us. They may have some superficial
imperfections, but they still do what they do best: safely store and protect your belongings. 

Order a used container

You can rent used containers in various sizes. The smallest sizes we have are 8ft to 10ft
containers. These small containers are suitable for smaller jobs. The 10ft container is often
used for renovation projects. There are also 20ft and 40ft containers, the industry’s most
popular dimensions. These two models are often used for the storage of goods or for the
transportation of tires or other big materials. The price of used containers depends on the type
of shipping container you want to rent and the duration of rental. Would you like to rent a used
container? You can do it easily via the web shop. Contact us to discuss your needs and find
today the used container that suits you.