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Container modifications

Tue, 10 Mar 2020 min reading

How does modifying a container work exactly and what are the possibilities? We receive many questions about container modification. In this article, you can read everything about container modifications and get a feel of what modifications cost.

Different kinds of modifications

We are able to execute different types of modifications. Below you can find a list of which modifications we mostly do:

  • CARU can provide containers with doors, fixed windows, tilt and turn windows or a partition wall among others.

  • Regarding climate control, there is the possibility to opt for extra ventilation, insulation and air conditioning.

  • We can also place an electrical box, switches and lightening points. This is also called an electrical installation.

  • Do you prefer another type of floor than the standard wooden floor? We have various options such as aluminium chequered plate or PVC flooring.

  • Another option is to transform a container into a completely equipped workshop, or we can place for example drip trays, racks, workbenches or closets.

  • Finally, we are also able to paint containers in any preferred color, for example your company’s colors, and to finish it with your own logo.


Containers for different projects

Of course, there are different reasons to purchase a large number of containers. You can use them to create storage space instead of renting a warehouse or you can build a sound barrier of containers while starting major construction projects.
CARU always has a continuous flow of containers and a varied range of containers. We can deliver nearly every type of shipping container. This is possible because of our worldwide network of new and used containers. Besides, starting from a request of 10 containers it is possible to order new containers with your own company color or logo directly from the factory.

How much does a container modification cost?

Modifying containers is a real specialty! Our experts work on every project with true passion. We are all about quality. But what does a container modification cost exactly? The cost of a project highly depends on your needs. Do you want a specific modification? Then we will make a customized offer. However, we can give you a price estimate of a few standard modifications. Bear in mind that the total price depends on the size of the container that will be modified.

  • We can paint a container in a preferred RAL color starting from €500;

  • Placing a company logo is possible starting from €300;

  • Providing light inside your container from €350;

  • Delivering a container with a rack of 2.5m from €400

Do you wish to know more about modifications?

Do you still have questions about modifications after reading this article? Or do you want to talk about your own modification project? Peter Vergauwen is always available to provide you with advice, a customized offer and to make sure your project runs smoothly!