Rental containers

Tue, 10 Mar 2020 min reading

To know whether buying or renting containers is the best option for you, you should consider different factors. At CARU Containers we offer both options. Below you can read everything you need to know about renting containers and which is the best option to choose.

Do you need containers for a temporary period? Than renting is mostly the more sensible choiche. We are renting containers for serveral temporary projects, for example:

  • Big events

  • Renovations (for example airports)

  • Building projects

  • Extra strorage or peaktimes for supermarkets during Christmas.

  • Offshore projects

A customer who only needed containers for storage for part of the season
choose to rent containers on our advice. In the winter months this company removes large amounts of rental containers, to put them back in the spring to deliver. In addition to many costs, this also saves a lot in the summer months space. If you want to use the containers permanently, buying in the long term will be more advantageous choice. After a one-time investment, you can keep them for years or even for decades.


Use outside of The Netherlands

You can also use our rental containers outside the Netherlands. Just keep in mind that a rental container must always be returned to the same depot within the Netherlands. Do you need containers for routes abroad? Then buying may be a better option. Certainly in combination with our ability to buy back containers at many different locations worldwide.


The quality of a rental container

When you rent a container, the container is young-used. The container is very neat and has hardly any rust and dents. The container complies with the most recent ISO standards and is CSC certified. This means that the container is suitable for all (international) transport.

Delivery container
22L1 20FT Furniture white new Open doors

What type of container can I rent?

We rent containers with a length of 8, 10, 20 or 40 feet. These models have a wooden floor and doors on one end side. It is also possible to choose a container with doors on both ends or on the long side. We also have a number of "special" models, such as a workshop container, open top container or a flat rack. Furthermore, a rack or lighting in some containers is also an option. In short: many options, we are happy to help you with your choice!

Good to know

It is fairly simple to rent a container. We take care of everything and arrange it
everything for you. Are you finished with renting? Just let us know and we will schedule a date to pick up the container(s) again.

  • Minimum rental period is 30 days.

  • We only rent to business customers (not private individuals).

  • We can supply the containers with a lock, if desired.

  • You can rent a 10ft container from €1.50 per day.

  • We can deliver the container within 3 business days.

How can I rent a container?

Have you become wiser of this article and would you like to rent one or more containers?
Please contact Peter Vergauwen, +3235400527 or via to discuss your specific wishes. He is happy to tell you what is the best solution in your case. Do you already know exactly what you need? Fill in the form below.