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Volume deals

Tue, 10 Mar 2020 min reading

Do you buy containers often? Or do you need a big quantity of containers for a new project? You are at the right address at CARU Containers. We have available stock in various countries because of our worldwide network of offices and depots. Besides, we also offer different types of service such as buy-back options.

Price, quality and service

At CARU, you can count on three firm pillars: price, quality and service. Firstly, we can always ensure market-led prices by constantly evaluating our container supply and the current market situation. In addition, for requests of greater volumes we can also offer a volume discount.

Secondly, even though we offer low prices, we strictly monitor the quality of our containers. Our available stock only consists of wind- and waterproof containers. Finally, we highly value customer satisfaction and building a strong, sustainable relationship with our clients. Therefore, service and customer satisfaction are our biggest priority.

Why opt for a volume deal?

Containers are used for various purposes. They can serve to ship goods for intermodal transport, but they can also be used as storage space or, for example, as a sound barrier. If you need containers to ship goods, there are a few important advantages in purchasing these containers. In technical terms this type of containers is also called shipper owned containers (SOCs) as opposed to containers you would rent from a shipping company, the so-called carrier owned containers (COCs). Below, you can find an overview of the advantages of SOCs:

  • Cost-effective: it is usually cheaper to buy containers as close to the loading location as possible. If you need containers inland or at a specific destination, the transport costs of COCs can increase considerably.

  • Goodbye demurrage! : if you opt for SOCs, you never have to worry about high detention and demurrage costs when a project is temporarily put on hold or if the destination is not immediately accessible.

  • Keep calm: you no longer need to stress about returning your rented containers on time because you own the containers. You can just use them again for the next project.


Containers for different projects

Of course, there are different reasons to purchase a large number of containers. You can use them to create storage space instead of renting a warehouse or you can build a sound barrier of containers while starting major construction projects.
CARU always has a continuous flow of containers and a varied range of containers. We can deliver nearly every type of shipping container. This is possible because of our worldwide network of new and used containers. Besides, starting from a request of 10 containers it is possible to order new containers with your own company color or logo directly from the factory.

CARU loves to help

As mentioned above, at CARU you can count on a customer centric service. Our employees are happy to help and to advise you on the possible options for your special project. Below you can find an example of an extra service we offer:

  • Buy-back: are you buying containers that you wish to sell again after a certain period? That is possible! Contact us to explore the options of location, price and period. Depending on the location of the containers at that moment, we can buy back the containers you purchased.



Do you need a large number of containers soon for one of mentioned the projects or any other project? Contact one of our specialists. They can tell you everything you need to know about containers, availability, purposes and our service.