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Containers in different sizes

The shipping containers from CARU Containers

CARU Containers sells used shipping containers of 6m and 12m. You can use our shipping containers for storage purposes or for a special project, as well to transport your cargo.

Shipping containers sizes

We have shipping containers in 3 different sizes:

20ft standard shipping containers
40ft standard shipping containers
40ft high cube shipping containers

Quality of the shipping containers

Our shipping containers are containers with character. The containers are around 14 years old and have travelled all across the globe. Because the used containers are a bit older, they typically have dents and rust spots. However, our shipping containers are still perfectly fit for storage or transport. The shipping containers for sale are windproof and watertight. The used containers are CSC certified.

Export shipping containers

Export containers are passengers across the country, as well as a tourist, fulfill their role of transporting their cargo safely and thus, make their way to their destination, where they can be loaded again and continue traveling.

Nationalized containers

Nationalized containers are shipping containers that have a Brazilian “residence visa”. Our nationalized containers are sold with an invoice. If you have the dream of building a container house, having a snack bar container or office container, then the nationalized container is for you.

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