40ft Standard

3 Condition

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40ft Standard


40ft Specifications

External size Internal size
Length 12192 mm 12032 mm
Width 2438 mm 2352 mm
Height 2591 mm 2393 mm
Tare Max. payload Max. gross
3720 kg 26760 kg 30480 kg

40ft Standard container

Choose our 40ft standard container; it’s popular for a reason. Spacious and stalwart, this container has got your back. Buy or rent your container now.

40ft standard container
Our 40ft standard container is one of the most popular containers out there. It comes with a robust wooden floor and CSC approval, ready for intermodal adventures. Not planning on going anywhere? Our 40ft standard container does just as great a job at storing your goods as it does shipping them. ISO standards? Of course this container meets them. Find this one and other 40ft containers for sale and for hire in our online shop.

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