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We are CARU Containers

We are CARU Containers. We trade and lease new and used shipping containers across the globe, operating from offices in 8 countries.

CARU Containers was born in the year 2000, from a fusion between CATU Rotterdam, Trade Craft, and Lease Craft. With CARU, Rob Tromp, our CEO, and Paul Ockers aimed to make container trading more professional and human.

At CARU, we love containers because they’re an unpretentious product. They do what they do, and they’re pretty good at it. And because of their simplicity, the possibilities are endless.

We relate to containers, as we are constantly on the move. Exploring other countries, new ways of trading, and new digital technologies.

We make buying and leasing containers a pleasure. Simple, human, transparent, and fun. And it seems this approach is working: we have grown to be one of the largest traders of containers in the world.