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Shipping containers

Getting your cargo from one place to another is a breeze with the shipping containers we've got for sale. Any dimensions, any distance, any destination.

Why row your load over in a dinghy when you can rely on our sturdy shipping containers? Getting your cargo from one place to another is a breeze with the shipping containers we've got for sale.

What is a shipping container?

Shipping containers are built to withstand the elements as well as shipping and handling. Wind and watertight, these containers will get your cargo where you need it, whether that's by train, plane, truck or ship. Our containers are ISO and CSC certified, and we will happily show you their pedigree.

What do you use shipping containers for?

Shipping containers are versatile and can be used to transport or store products. Moving and need a place to store furniture? Can do. Archiving office inventory? Got it. Storage for your sports club? No problem. Shipping goods to another continent? Absolutely! Robust and reusable, shipping containers are your all-around solution to keep your things in shipshape condition.

What sets shipping containers apart?

Our shipping containers are CSC certified, so they're safe to load, ship, and handle. They're wind and watertight to resist rainstorms and vermin invading your cargo. And because of their 8 ISO certified corner profiles, they're stackable.

Types of shipping containers

Not all loads are created equal, so we've got a container to meet your exact needs. From our humble standard shipping containers to our approachable open top containers. Double doors, steel floors, drip trays, office space: we'll make it work. Either brand-new or second-hand.

Dimensions of shipping containers

One size does not fit all, so our containers come in various sizes: 20ft and 40ft. 20ft and 40ft containers also come as a high cube: they're a foot higher. Shipping a load that won’t fit in a container? Opt for our 20ft flatrack or 40ft flatrack platform container.

Worldwide delivery of shipping containers

Our containers were made to travel. That means they’ll find their way to you, wherever you are. We offer worldwide delivery and work together with over 200 depots worldwide, in the busiest ports. That’s why we can get a container to most anywhere in the world, as quickly as possible.

Second-hand shipping containers

You’re looking for a shipping or storage solution that’s friendlier to your wallet or more environmentally conscious. Have you considered a used container? We've got 200 depots worldwide, so your perfect, previously-loved container is bound to be waiting for you somewhere near you. Of course we check every single one. Most of our used shipping containers have at least a year of CSC compliance left in them and will be supplied with the associated certificates. That way your second-hand container is ready for safe shipping and transport.

Buying or renting a shipping container?

Ready to commit? Check out the containers we've got for sale. Just looking to test the waters? Consider renting one instead. Either get your hands on a brand-new container or adopt a used container. No matter your budget and needs, we've got a perfect fit. Get your shipping container now!