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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the prices of our new and used shipping containers immediately in our web shop. You can also find the rental prices in our container web shop.

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If you place your order before 12:00 noon, we can deliver the container to your location after 10 working days.

Each new container is shipped once directly from factory to Europe.

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Yes, once you select a new container, the available colours will be displayed in the webshop.

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Want to order multiple quantities of new containers in a specific colour? No problem! Complete the quotation form on our website or make an appointment to speak with one of our account managers.

You can give your preference, of course, but we cannot guarantee the colour.

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No, at the moment it is not possible to rent a container via our webshop. You can rent a container by contacting our account manager. They will make a suitable proposal for you.

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No, you can only rent a container from us for at least 30 days.

Yes, the used containers leave our depot with a CSC certificate.

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For 12 or 18 months.

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We provide the CSC certificate for free.

You can pick up your container one hour after placing your order.

When you order a container you can pay through Paypal and CreditCard. We accept MasterCard and Visa.

You can download the container’s CSC certificate on our portal.

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You can pick up your container(s) at our depot in Antwerp. This option is free of charge.

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Yes, of course. If you have ordered a container, you will receive an invoice with VAT within 24 hours.

CSC stands for International Convention for Safe Containers.

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization.

Cargo Worthy is a criterion that indicates that a second hand container is fit to ship cargo.

The costs for the delivery of the container(s) depend on the location and the amount of containers you want to be delivered. The delivery costs will be calculated based on your postal code.

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A steel floor provides more advanced benefits.

A wooden floor provides a few advantages.

Sorry, we do not buy containers back. We advise to sell the container yourself to a customer who can pick up the container. Is the container really old? Then it is best to bring the container to a scrap-yard as you can still make some money on the steel.

Unfortunately we do not sell reefer containers.

The driver can only place containers on locations with a paved surface. This means it is not possible for the truck to take sandy paths, grass or any other soft surface. If this is the case, then you need to install road plates, so that the truck can safely place the container on the right place.

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Rental containers are used but in good condition, with hardly any rust or dents.

If you can’t find the type of container you’re looking for on our website, just fill out the form and our account managers will be happy to help!

The secondhand containers have been used for international sea, rail and road transport for many years.

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The containers are around 14 years old and have traveled all across the globe.

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Blue, yellow or brown.

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