Our containers

Return policy

It is important to us to inform you about our refund and return policy.

What can you do when you would like to return the container?
If the container we delivered is not Wind & Water Tight, please contact our customer service. We would like to receive an e-mail with photos from the damage of the container within 72 hours after delivery or pick-up date. You can send your e- mail to: Naomi.Schonbeck@carucontainers.com

Under what circumstances do we offer you returns and refunds?
We can only provide a return, if the container is not Wind & Water Tight.
We do not offer any refunds.

Time frame in which we accept returns
We can only provide you with a return if we receive an e-mail with a clear photo of the damage within 72 hours after delivery.

Can you expect a refund?
Sorry, we do not provide any refunds.

Who pays for the shipping costs on return
If you would like to return your container because the container is not Wind & Water Tight, please be aware that the costs of transportation incurred, will be on account of the customer.